Hello to everyone!
We have been dealing with restoration and sale of the original watches of 1900s and later models (mostly of Soviet production) for a long time.
We want to extend my thanks for those people who somehow or other took part in production process of these watches. There is no matter to count disputes and disagreements about Soviet era time, now it is difficult to challenge the achievements of this watch industry.
The Soviet watch – great example of the highest quality product. The manufactures in other countries have looked on these watches with admiring envy and as a result made the product import to their own lands.
Will repeat myself, the watch is not only stylish accessories. One of the most important advantages of old vintage watches is, of course, their design, which is not comparable to what we see now on shop shelves.
Nowadays the groupthink and other stereotypes that “Classic watch should have classic design” erased long time ago. Oftentimes classic is safe choice, but vintage always was and will be the worship option which with time will emphasize the new modern trends.
It's a shame that from year to year it getting more difficult to renovate the original classy watches and even more so, how I love when each of the element is unaffected with time left: spots on the dial, scraps and other beautiful details kept the part of the history that lives in these watches as much as possible. After, if all this will sacrifice, the most important thing will disappear - the mystery, what kind of life this watch has lived! One thing I know for sure - the most valuable in our lives come to us because of long and stubborn searches.
With best regards,


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