Glory to the Defense and Security Forces of Ukraine Offensive 2023 + pin


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Postal release "Glory to the Defense and Security Forces of Ukraine! Guardians advance" has been issued! This is the second release of a heroic series that showcases those who say "It's time to reclaim what's ours!" And we believe they will definitely reclaim it.

The edition size of the block is 235,000.

Only their slogans and brave actions speak louder. On the postal block:

"Honor. Bravery. Law" - National Guard.
"To serve and protect" - National Police.
"Border security - the might of the state" - State Border Guard Service.
The special cancellation ceremony involved:

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Katerina Pavlichenko,
Commander of the Unified Assault Brigade of the National Police, Alexander Netrebko,
Commander of the 15th Mobile Border Guard Unit of the State Border Guard Service, Valeriy Paditel,
Commander of the 1st Operational Brigade of the National Guard, Mykola Mishakin,
CEO of Ukrposhta, Igor Smilyansky.

Let's save Ukraine.
By purchasing this brand you will help Ukraine

Glory to Ukraine 💙💛

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